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Pallada - Automated professional trading package for MT5 and MT4

Current version of Pallada is compatible with all Metatrader versions.

Now there is no need to use trade copiers, Pallada 7 system works both with MT4 and MT5 and does not requires any third-party software. You are free to choose which platform to use without any restrictions. Pallada 7 has many advantages and new functions:

1Compatibility with all MetaTrader platforms. You may run EA with MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 with no trades copier required anymore.

2 Improved performance. Main trading algorithms are still the same, but there are many new features added. New Pallada for MT4 allows to open all systems and all currency pairs in one terminal, alongside with other expert advisors. All you have to do - just set specific magic number for each EA.

3 Expert Advisor is absolutely automated. All trades are executed and managed in automated mode. Pallada 7 trailing is able to manage not only system trades, but your own trades also. There are dozens of useful features, like setting stop loss, take profits, breakevens, trailing stops and so on. This tool will help to manage your own trades also, if needed.

4 Pallada works with EURUSD (basic version), USDCAD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and GBPJPY (PRO Version).

5 System is easy to install with new automated installer. It takes only 5 minutes to setup and launch Pallada 7 on your metatrader chart.

6 EA is not broker sensitive, because it does not uses any scalping, martingale or grid methods. All takeprofits are above 60 points, robot is protected from slippages and other broker tricks, so results will be similar with all brokers, does not matter is it real account or demo.

7 Robot trades on live account and demonstrates great performance.

Live Pallada 7 trading results:



You may monitor all system trades in our trading blog to compare with your results

8 There are no account or hardware limitations. You won't have to contact us everytime when it is needed to change account number.

9 Our support staff member will help you with installation if needed. It is possible to establish connection via teamviewer to resolve all issues. Just contact our support and you will immediately receive required help.

11 System is robust and generates stable profits. Stops are fixed, so it will not whip out whole your account balance one day, like some other EA do.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact our support at any time.

Overall profit in 2014 trading year: +100 613.41 (see detailed report)


New Pallada works much faster, is more stable and more profitable and, of course, easy to use and to install. There are professional trading approach used to create new Pallada enter signals, new intellectual interface is visibly understandable, even for not experienced traders. On the screen below You may see short preview of the system.
pallada 5

Best features of previous systems (Pallada 3 and Pallada 5) were improved in Pallada 7:

  • All enters are made on the highs/lows of the day with 75% profit fixation on every movment
  • Enter strategy is modified to work with new extremely effective exit strategy

Besides classic improved enters following innovative features were added:

  • You may use system both in automated and semi-automated modes
  • Enter Arrow alerts about Buy and Sell trades. System combines 3 trading tactics (trend, saw and swing) for different markets and automatically chooses which tactics to use for current period. Scalping enter strategy has been added to enter fast trades on sideways, when market is non stable
    pallada enter point

  • All Pallada enter indicators are now combined in one file. Metatrader template allows You to load system on the chart by one click
  • Fast email alert added. When system generates signal, You will receive immediate notification via email
  • System trailing manages all positions automatically. Depending from the market trailing works in a different modes to maximize profit. Target calculation module is fully automatic. All targets are adaptive Ц 1st† target fixes fast profit, 2nd target fixes main profit,† 3rd target follows trend and allows to get maximal profit from market movement. Expert advisor automatically switches stop loss between fixed and adaptive depending from the market conditions
    pallada trailing

  • 2 automatically switchable volatility filters are implemented to block risky signals when market is choppy
  • Pallada Graphic Panel with Buy and Sell buttons allows to open position by only one mouse click, when signal arrow appears

  • Low drawdown (5-7% only) and low risk
  • System is adaptive. All updates will be loaded automatically - so Pallada will always be 10 steps forward, than other expert advisors
  • Pallada informer indicates last signal time and date, last target and connection condition. If system works incorrectly or there are no connection, informer will signal immediately
    system informer

  • Special offer for all current Pallada users and for users from our waiting list. You will find the details below on this page
  • Detailed manual with all required information on how to setup and to trade with Pallada
  • There are one trading strategy for semi-automated system, and two trading strategies for fully automated system
  • Money Management (MM) module with capital management tactics. There are 2 modified tactics of increasing/decreasing lots depending from market and account balance
  • Risk Management (RM) module monitors account balance and stops trading in case of drawdown. Module blocks high risk trades

Following snapshot demonstrates in details how Pallada works. Step by step: signal appears, system immediately enters position (0.3 lots), then trailing manages position by partial closing on target 1, target 2 and target 3. Total profit from this trade is +527 USD. We have maximal profit from this market movement (image below is the .gif movie, if it is displayed incorrectly, try to load this page in other web browser):

System trading results:

Link on verified FXBlue account is available above on this page
Click HERE to view detailed trading results

trading balance

Detailed Trading Results page

System purchase

If You have questions or concerns before system purchase, feel free to contact us ( and we will provide You with all required information

At that moment Pallada 7 Basic version costs 299 USD. Package contains both MT4 and MT5 versions with detailed user guides

Pallada Conception

Pallada 7 works with EURUSD and AUDNZD. The only recommended timeframe is M30, the best timeframe for intraday trading. System will not work with other timeframes

There is no need for customers to download set files or to optimize system Ц Pallada downloads all updates automatically without trader participation. So now You have more time for trading without paying attention on miscellaneous technical details. There are no account numbers or hardware limitation. You may run Pallada on different accounts and computers

Terms and Conditions
Pallada Expert Advisor and strategy and their future updates, and all related presentations and documents are under TradeWays Inc. copyright. The files and programs are supported by international copyright laws. Any violations will be prosecuted. Pallada Expert Advisor and strategy are Non-For-Resale software programs. You purchase these programs for your own personal use. You are not permitted to share these applications with others either for free or in exchange of money.

Affiliation and partnership

All You have to do, just register as an affiliate and send us affiliate request. The cooperation core is easy : you offer to your clients, subscribers and visitors our product, we pay you % from each paid request. For more information click here

Risk Disclosure
Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you have any doubts

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Pallada 5 system package includes:

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