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MT5 to MT4 trades copier

MetaTrader 5 to MetaTrader 4 Trades Copier

MT5 to MT4 account copier has been developed to copy trades between MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4. As You know, MQL5 allows to create powerful trading tools for professional trading. MQL4 does not offers so many opportunities, but MT4 is still the most widely spread platform. Our trades copier helps to resolve following problems:

  • You have good trading strategy for MT5 Your broker does not offers this terminal

Just launch Metatrader 5 from any other broker (demo account) and Copier will duplicate all trades to Your MT4 account

  • You do not want to wait when brokers will launch MT5 real accounts

Just launch Metatrader 5 from any other broker (demo account) and Copier will duplicate all trades to Your real MT4 account

  • You are not going to move from MT4 to MT5

Most of the trading decisions in future will be coded for MT5. But if You are comfortable with MT4 and do not want move to MT5, just launch your EA on Metatrader 5 demo, Copier will execute all trades in your MT4 platform  

  • You have few strategies for MetaTrader 5 and do not want to open two МТ5 real accounts for each strategy

Launch as many MT5 demo accounts as You want and trade with You systems. Copier will copy all executed trades to ONE MT4 real account and will manage them separately from each other. So, the problem of trading with many systems on one real account is now solved.

This product is included in Pallada 5 package for free, but may be used with other systems and expert advisors also. The main purpose of creating Trades Copier was to make Your work with Pallada 5 more comfortable, but this powerful package offers many other opportunities. You will certainly have more freedom for trading with combination of MT5 performance and MT4 order execution.

Copier is easy to install and easy to use. If You need support or assistance, we are ready to answer all your questions

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