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Neural Trading Signals

At that moment we do not offer trading signals. We recommend to use our Pallada trading system


Market can not be descrided with linear models of traditional technical analysis, because of nonlinearity and chaotic character in currency and securities quotation behaviour. Neural technologies allow to take into this nonlinearity and to reach successful results in forecasting.
Our trading signals are build using analytical complex NeuroTrader (specialized market forecasting system).
You are welcome to become our client and to make sure of our neural forecastings effectiveness.

You have an opportunity to choose one of the following packages:

NeuroAdvanced package includes 5 trading signals ( Enter L / S , Hold Position , Exit L / S );
NeuroProfessional package includes 5 trading signals ( Enter L/S, Hold Position, Exit L/S.) + trailing stop

You have an opportunity to choose one of the two trading styles for any package:

"INVESTOR" strategy
Global market wave trading
Strategy is based on 4-hour or daily charts
You need to check the signals 6 times a day(for "4-hour" charts) or 2 times(for "daily")
This strategy is good for big and medium investors or busy people
Investing accounts from $5000 to $100000
No market noise
Only "powerfull" signals
No fundamental factors influence
No psychological factor
Stable and regular profit growth


"TSUNAMI" strategy
Online Trading
Small market wave trade
Agressive trading style
More transactions in contrast to "INVESTOR" strategy
The ability to enter the market at the first indication of trend changing
Small stop loss
Fast profit and minimal risk
- No psychological factor
Profit fixation on the beginning of correction or negative market movement





Neurosignal creation

Neural Network

Genetic Algorithms


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