Pallada 5 release

We are ready to inform You, that new Pallada 5 has been released. Brand new trading package has been developed for MetaTrader 5. For more information (details, reports, pricing)
visit and mail us if You want to purchase new system. There is also special offer available for users of our products (Pallada 3 and SE, ASMC, TCD). There will be limited amount of licenses sold, so the priority is given for current Pallada users (SE and 3.0 versions) and for customers from our waiting list

We are still supporting Pallada SE for MT4 and will continue support and system upgrades. Pallada 5 for MT5 in not an SE, system has been developed for new trading platform with different trading approach and different indicators. This is new trading package, that has very little common with previous systems, so there is no need to use both systems at the same time – You may choose one of the products

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