EUR/USD summer trading results

This post describes how new system manages trades and shares current Pallada 5 results.
So , V1 profit within this summer is 26.390 USD (see detailed report HERE)
*click on images below to enlarge

V2 result is even more impressive: 28 777.35 USD (detailed report here)

Updated Pallada 5 is now more experienced in global trend detection, as you may see from summer trading results. Here we will post all summer trades for both V1 and V2 versions. (click on image to enlarge)

Because of new enters strategy, Pallada 5 is capable to resist market rollbacks. As a result – we have system, where is quite difficult to loose pips

System uses smart enters strategy, and follows market with a small lots on every signal. Overall position stays opened for a few days, but some lots are fixed on the rollbacks. This means, that Pallada 5 is always in the market, and only after global trend will be reversed – overall position will be closed. Clear money management rules allow to trade even with the small account size (click on image to enlarge)


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